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Mr Blue

A short film about the presence of past love.
This stop-motion animation story is made from hand-drawn charcoal illustrations, and is featured on spoken word poet Elisabeth Gunawan's album Stampin' In The Graveyard.

The Library - Jack Parris and
the Marine Island Band 

A music video I directed and drew illustrations for. Made entirely from animating hand-drawn animations for the UK-based indie band Jack Parris and the Marine Island Band.


A music video I directed and edited for UK indie duo Drowsed. 


A 10-second commercial I directed and animated for Swedish television.


A collaboration with Goodensemble performing Elgar's Elegy For Strings - performed at the Bloomsbury Festival in London.

Full English Breakfast

A surreal stop-motion animation short film exploring British society by way of the English breakfast. 

The Lengths

A short film navigating the complexities of confinement during lockdown by cycling through the abandoned streets of London.

Cadillac Dreams

I worked as First Assistant Director on the documentary film Cadillac Dreams - winner of the EurasiaDoc Award at the CineDOC-Tbilisi International Documentary Film Festival. 
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